Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya

4th Dan/Refree USA/ MPA/Choreographer/Lyricist
Sunshine Taekwondo Academy


    Welcome to Sunshine Taekwondo Academy.

    With immense pleasure, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the support and love you all have shown to this new venture of mine, and I stand by my determination to take this to a level where direct or indirect stakeholders can be proud of.
    First and foremost, I would like to answer a question that everyone is asking me even more frequently today – ‘Why do you choose a highly physical sport being a woman? Well, the answer is in the question itself. The main objective of martial arts, especially Taekwondo is to empower people and inculcate mental strength. Unfortunately, we still live in an era where women are considered relatively weaker gender and we have to rise time and again to prove otherwise. I, like many more women, choose to defy the stigma and chose a sport that empowered me to be who I am now. It will be my first priority in life to encourage and motivate thousands like me to take to the arena and prove everybody that women are equally strong.
    I started this incredible journey in 1995. I was among the few women who dreamt to live a life of discipline, honesty and dynamism through martial arts. My unwavering dedication to add stripes and color to my rank in Taekwondo helped me climbed up the ladder pretty quick and by mid-2007, I had completed Coaches Basic Graduation, certification of appropriation and a certified referee. My learning continued in US too. In 2010, I received my 2nd Dan. My Academy in Phoenix, Arizona trained over 50 students in over two years, participated in state-wide completions and brought home prestigious awards. I am determined to complete my mission here in Akron with extra energy and dedication.
    The main source of motivation to operate Sunshine Academy is the ongoing social issues that I see in my own community. Teenagers and young adults are prone to unethical and bad lifestyle. Drugs is slowly seeping in to young hands, only 20% of our students see beyond high school, domestic violence is in the rise, parents are overwhelmed by their children’s demands, and suicide rates are in the rise. We all talk about these issues every day, but we fail short of addressing this epidemic appropriately. The idea is to help people realize the issue themselves, help them discipline themselves and to see the positive side of life. Taekwondo does exactly that. We at Sunshine Academy develop a dynamic learning module where participants learn to be honest, be disciplined, embrace dynamism, and implement these skills to take care of themselves and the mankind. Sunshine Academy promotes the notion that Taekwondo is not just a combative sport, but also an integral part of successful transition through the different stages of life.

    Thank you once again for your faith in Sunshine Taekwondo Academy.

    Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya










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