Sunshine Taekwondo Academy can support its clients within the group through various programming that ranges from basic martial arts, self-defense, education, and development skills to the new curriculum, such as dance and virtual singing at a value-added taekwondo Martial Arts Center. Sunshine Taekwondo aims to refine its curriculum as it develops and creates innovative programs to ensure students have the best possible access to the diverse facets of Taekwondo and Arts.

  • Taekwondo is a combative sport and was developed during the 1940s and 1950s by Korean martial artists with experience in martial arts such as karate, Chinese martial arts, and indigenous Korean martial arts traditions such as Taekkyeon, Subak, and Gwonbeop. The oldest governing body for taekwondo is the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), formed in 1959 through a collaborative effort by representatives from the nine original kwans, or martial arts schools, in Korea. The main international organisational bodies for taekwondo today are the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), founded by Choi Hong Hi in 1966, and the partnership of the Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo (WT, formerly WTF), founded in 1972 and 1973 respectively by the Korea Taekwondo Association. Gyeorugi ([kjʌɾuɡi]), a type of full-contact sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000. The governing body for taekwondo in the Olympics and Paralympics is World Taekwondo.
  • The art of self-defense is becoming more and more popular with the young people of this country and will offer what we believe is the best martial art in the world. Taekwondo is an exciting and powerful martial art known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques. Although these martial art techniques are centuries old, the planned programs being offered are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. School realizes that each student possesses different physical abilities. Once a student has acquired a strong foundation in the basics, outlined program will enhance the student’s not only physical capabilities and maximize his/her self-defense skills also with mental capabilities by participating in music and dance.
  • For the last ten years Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya, 4th grade of Black Belt, has been operating at The Sunshine Taekwondo Academy previously known as Smart K Taekwondo Academy. The Sunshine Taekwondo Academy is committed to Taekwondo Martial Arts. This program, in a healthy and good atmosphere for students of all ages, offers students the best standard martial arts curriculum possible. Sunshine Taekwondo Academy is associated World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) established in 2019 by Master Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya, a 4th Dan Black Belt. She has more than 15 years of experience of teaching taekwondo and also, she is a USA Referee.
  • Sunshine Taekwondo Academy will serve a large community area. It will offer group and individual classes in the art of Taekwondo and self-defense. Classes will also be provided in Dance, Yoga exercising. Additionally, it will begin with Virtual Singing Class. As Sunshine grows, future include to expand and accommodate a health club exercise gym to be offered for parents to enjoy while the children are in classes.









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